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Welcome to the Pre-school room ✏️ 

Our main Pre-school Room is a large, light and airy room with plenty of space for lots of fun.  We are able to accommodate many different activity areas at the same time such as water and sand play, book area, home corner etc. The many resources available in the room are at a child friendly height and children are able to choose their own activity which they can then set out on a table or on the large rug in the centre of the room. 

In addition to the main room we also have our Craft Room for the more 'exciting' activities such as painting, sticking, play dough, cornflour etc. The children can experiment as much as they like - we can always tidy up later!

Our preschool also has a separate dining room, allowing children to prepare the table and serve their own dinner ( COVID appropriate) 
Preschool is the room where your child begins their 'School Readiness' its those little things that make starting school so much easier. Learning to share and take turns, learning to dress by themselves and take care of their own personal needs, learning to be independent and learning to listen.