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Our fees are £60.00 Full Day, £33.40 Half Day (am or pm) - Full time children only - not term Time


All children aged 3 & 4 receive Government Vouchers (Educational Grant Funding 15 hours per week)   and some 2 years olds are also eligible. (Some families may be eligible for 30 hours Grant Funding from September 2017). You may be able to apply for Early Years Pupil Premium with your local council.


  • This funding is for Term Time only and cannot be used on school inset days.(We follow Gotham School inset days).


    As an Outstanding provider we are proud to deliver excellent teaching from all our Early Years Educators. We also have an Early Years Qualified Teacher to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. If you wish to use your Government Funded 15 hours you may select up to 5 x 3 hourly sessions as detailed below subject to availability. (As from Sept 17 you may choose up to 10 x 3 hourly funded sessions).  If required wrap around care at an additional cost either by the half hour or hour as set out below.   Any extra will be charged at the going rate as mentioned above.



    £9.00 ph or available Gov Funded session

    £9.00£9.00 ph or available Gov Funded session £9.00 
    Tues£4.47£9.00"      "         Gov Funding£9.00 "          "      Gov Funding£9.00 
    Wed£4.47£9.00 "      "       Gov Funding£9.00"           "      Gov Funding£9.00 
    Thur£4.47£9.00"        "       Gov Funding£9.00"            "     Gov Funding£9.00 
    Fri£4.47£9.00"        "       Gov Funding£9.00"           "      Gov Funding£9.00 

    Please note that Breakfast is served from 7.30 a.m until 8.00 a.m and is included in the above hourly fee. Lunch is served at 12.00 included in the above hourly fee and a light tea is served at 4.15 p.m and is also included in the above hourly fee.
    Please feel free to contact us, either by phone call or via this website and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


    Before school £11.00 (up to a max of 1.5 hours)           After school £15.00 (up to a max of 1.5 hours)

    Before AND After school £25.00 (up to a max of 3 hours).  

  • A light tea may be booked and paid for in advance or alternatively a biscuit and drink will be provided free of charge.


    All sessions taken throughout the Nursery or the Batcave are to be booked in advance.  

    SCHOOL HOLIDAY CLUB days in the Batcave will be subject to availability these will be charged at £30.00 for a 9.00 a.m - 3.30 p.m day, any additional hours will be charged at £9.00 per hour. 
  • Many Companies strive to support working parents, offering vouchers or discount on quality child care provision.  It may be advantageous for you to approach the Human Resources Department within your place of work to see if they offer any such discounts/vouchers.

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