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VAT busting offers for new parents ******OFFER NOW OVER***** -

For a limited time new clients will be entitled to the following offers:
* Full day (7:30-6) for £30 !!!!!!!!!
* Full short day (8:30-5:30) for £20!!!!!!
* Free registration saving another £45!!!

How does the price compare for the next 6 months?
Normal nursery price for a full week= £180x51=£9180/12=£765x6=£4590 total for 6 months
Special offer full week= £150x51=£7650/12=£637.50x6=£3825 total for 6 months
special offer short day week=£100x51=£5100/12=£425x6=£2550 total for 6 months

so the difference between normal prices and a special offer full week is a saving of £765
the difference between a normal price and a special offer short day is a saving of £2040!!!!

How massive are those savings for the next 6 months?

*terms and conditions apply*
Limited to 6 month period
offer can be withdrawn immediately at the managements descretion however as much notice as possible will be given
clients who fall behind on their payments will have their introductory offer removed and full price will be charged to the account
offer only applies to nursery places (school club, creche and extra time not included)