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Thank you to our Local community!

We would like to thank our local community for all of the support they have provided over the years.
1) Our wonderful families
2) Our local village shops. Jane at the newsagents, Melv at the butchers, and John at the now missed post office
3) Trades people. Stan the Man, Jim Taylor (corking job done to the decor of nursery), Alan Miller our window cleaner and Darren Bird for floor restoration.
4) Schools: Eastleake Academy for engaging us in work placements, and the Eastleake Academy Network of schools for working so closley on smooth transitions to school of our children.
5) Charities:The British Legion for being so kind as to let us advertise on their premises.
6) Education/Health Support : The speech and language therapy specialists, Spectrum specialists, the deaf awareness team, sign langauge support, and a BIG thank you to Jo. C  "The voice of reason", The bridge of sanity !