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January Newsletter

JANUARY  Newsletter 2014
A warm welcome back to all our parents and children we hope you have had a lovely Christmas and a relaxing break.
Congratulations to Miss Kim whose beautiful baby Warren arrived on 28 December weighing 7lb 6oz – both are doing well.
To help us all get back into the swing of things could I ask that parents ensure that all children have spare clothes in their boxes.  Aside from the obvious reason, children may need a change of clothes if they spill their drinks or drop their dinner down them or even fall over in a puddle outside.  Could we also ask that you check their boxes regularly as there may be bags of soiled clothes in there waiting to go home. 
Speaking of outside could you ensure all children have warm clothing to wear.  We go out at least twice everyday whatever the weather – there is nothing worse than standing there shivering – you should see how many layers the staff wear!
Oh and one more thing while I am writing the ‘could we have list’ – could you ensure your child always has a supply of nappies and wipes (if needed).  If your child has run out of either we have no choice but to purchase some on your behalf at a cost of 30p per nappy and £1.85 per pack of wipes.
May we remind you that the Nursery opens at 7.30 a.m and closes at 6.00 pm.
Unfortunately we are not insured to accept children out of these hours so would be grateful if you could drop off no earlier than 7.30 am. and ensure a prompt pick up before 6.00 p.m.  A late pick up will be result in a £20 charge.
All Pre-school Room children took their Development Files home before Christmas, we hope you enjoyed looking at them but would now ask that you return them so we can keep them updated with more photos of your little cherub’s activities.
Many of our Pre-school Room children will be starting school this September, we have several visits to school planned and we will ensure that all children will get the chance to go and spend some time at school and meet the teachers.  As always if you have any questions about our preparations for school and your child’s school readiness please do not hesitate to ask Miss Lorraine or Miss Helen.
Here is a note of our closures for this year:-
Easter                  w/c Mon 14 April    re-open Tues 22 April
Bank Hol                  Mon 5 May
                           Mon 26 May
Bank Hol                  Mon 25 Aug
Xmas                           Nursery closes at 12.00 on Fri 19 Dec and
                           Re-opens at 7.30 a.m on Mon 5 Jan 2015
                  We look forward to a busy and fun 2014….