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Annual Price increase

Hello, it's that time of year again when our annual price increse comes into affect. Below in the new price structure for the year August 2001-August 2012.

School Club:
Am school club (7:30-9:00, including breakfast) £5
Am school run (8:15-9:00, not including breakfast) £1
Pm school run (3:30-4:00) £1
Pm school club (3:30-4:30 including tea) £4.50
pm school club (3:30-6:00 including tea) £9
Full day holiday care (7:30-6:00) £42
short day holiday care (9:30:3:30) £38
half day holiday care (either 7:30-1:00 or 1:00-6:00) £23

* our term time school club prices have been frozen this year*

Full day (7:30-6:00) £42
short day (9:30-3:30) £38
half day (either 7:30-1:00 or 1:00-6:00) £23
Hourly rate/ part of an hour £5.50


Prices come into effect from 20th August 2011

Dont forget that you need to inform the tax credit office if your weekly childcare costs go up or down by £10 per week.