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Learning at Home

                          It's fun to play at home



                     Look for things to use as stepping stones.

                                             Find things to crawl or wriggle under.


                                           Throw, catch, roll, kick and bounce balls.


                                         Allow your child to learn how to 'weigh up' risks.


           This will help your child to not only develop their physical skills, but will also develop

                           their learning in all areas and will help them to feel good.


       When you are outside:  Look for logs to climb on

                                           Spin and twirl safely

                                           Roll down grassy hills

                                           Try to catch falling leaves.

      When you are inside:     Crawl under duvets or twirl them around while they sit on top.

                                            Dance to your favourite music. 

                                                      It's fun to play at home


                                                               Number and Shape


                                             Number and shape are part of our daily lives.

                                                 Talking about the maths we are using

                                     can help your child understand what maths is used for!


  Sing Number Songs and Rhymes

   5 Little Ducks

   5 Little Speckled Frogs

   5 Currant Buns

   10 Green Bottles


                                    Find numbers on signs, doors and birthday cards


                                     Sort pairs of socks, look for pattern and colour 


                        Let children press numbers on telephones, calculators and remotes.


                                Ask children to get a number of carrots or potatoes etc.


                               Play board games - Snakes and Ladders or Ludo etc.

                  It's fun to play at home.


                           Play dough!


        Explore and mix the dough together.

                                                              Use words to describe.                                                                                                                                               Flatten out and cut shapes.                                                                                                                               Find things to use with the dough from your home.


                                              Let's talk: cold, sticky, flat, smell, smooth, mix,                                                                                                                                 more, roll, squash, press.

                                         This will help your child to explore colour, texture,                                                                                                                                  scent and language.


Make your own dough:  


                                     2 cups water

                                     2 cups flour

                                     1 cup salt

                                     1 tablespoon vegetable oil

                                      2 teaspoons cream of tartar.


Mix together (you could add colour, scent, texture)

Heat in microwave on full power for approx 2 min then stir - you will need to keep giving 30 second blasts and stirring until play dough texture achieved.



                  It's fun to play at home.

                                                         Fun with Sounds


                                  Help your child develop the skills they will need for reading and writing.


                  Out and about - go out for a walk and listen with your child to all the sounds you can hear.                                   When you get home try to remember the sounds you heard together, can you use your voices and bodies to                                                                            make any of the sounds?


Other ideas:   Make musical instruments using boxes, pots, elastic bands, dried peas, pasta etc.

                       Say words in different ways - fast, slow, high, low, using funny voices.

                       Enjoy rhyming books and songs together.


                         Help your child to listen carefully, develop their vocabulary and speak confidently.



                          It's fun to play at home.                                                 Nursery Rhymes


                   Choose a nursery rhyme together.

                                                                   Make something together from the 

                                                                                nursery rhyme.

                                                                    Talk about what you have made.

                                                                       Sing the nursery rhyme

                                                                   and repeat a couple of times

                                                                  using the item you have made.


                                                      This will help your child to listen and learn                                                                                                                          words and sounds whilst having fun.


                  It's fun to play at home.

                      Heuristic play - "What can I do with this?"


                                      Give your child time to investigate natural and recycled objects.                                                        Give them safe objects to stack, bang together, fill, empty, knock down,                                                                  squeeze, sort, post, twist, stretch,smell........


Things you could collect:


                Sea shells, pebbles, fir cones, ribbons, lids, cardboard tubes,                                                                               boxes, hair rollers, corks, sponges, dolly pegs etc. 


Let's talk: Soft, hard, cold, warm, smelly, noisy, squishy, bumpy.


                               This will help your child to explore, be curious, get involved,                                                                             think about ideas and develop theories.                                                                                                           Watch their brains at work!

                          It's fun to play at home

                                            Cutting & Sticking


                            Explore the items you've collected.

                                      Use words to describe.

                    Let child choose what they want to cut and stick.

           Find other things to use from inside or outside your home.


   This will help your child to explore and experiment with different                                 materials using their imagination.


What you could use:


Child scissors, Glue, Magazines, Food Boxes, Food Labels, Paper, Newspapers, Leaves, Grass, Petals, Twigs, Pasta.

                 It's fun to play at home.


                                               Books and Stories


            Children are never too young to start looking at books with their parents.

                                      Wait and follow your child's interests

     it doesn't matter if they don't want to start at the beginning or look at all the pages.


   Looking at books helps to develop listening and concentration skills as well as helping with talking.


Favourite Books are often:-


funny, repetitive, lovely pictures, have rhythm and rhyme.


Have you read:


The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dear Zoo, Spot Goes to the Park, Room on the Broom Handa's Surprise, Winnie the Witch, One Two Flea.